About Bizzonay

Who we are

Bizzonay is a leading Importer, Wholesaler, Trader & Indenter of numerous products & supplies in Pakistan with its head-office situated in Lahore. The company is maintained by its well organized administrative sections covering finance, personnel, logistics and public relations.

The Company is registered with Federal Board of Revenue under NTN # 3195821-4 & member of Lahore Chambers of Commerce & Industry (LCCI) under # 94793-A.

Our Vision

We believe in providing excellent services to our customers with a countrywide sales network of our company and we always focus on the development of strong, long-term relationships with our Customers and Suppliers. We believe in a collaborative way of working because it is more reliable, feasible, and credible. We’ve also embraced an entrepreneurial approach that allows us to cater to the specific needs of companies, irrespective of budget, size, and scale. Understanding the nature of customer trends is vital to the existence of any organization. At Bizzonay, we take great pride in our ability to understand the taste of our customers. Our knowledge of what our customers need makes for the development of superior products that are guaranteed to satisfy every taste.

Our Mission

We are a team and together we are committed to achieving total quality, exceptional service, and continuous improvement in every aspect of our enterprise.